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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Forwarding Email Account [Gmail Explained]

Do you want to use secondary email address while hiding your personal email account? or Do you want to connect your multiple email account to single account?
Here is how it can be done:
Email forwarding is an option provided by your email provider like Yahoo mail, Gmail, Hotmail etc. You can forward your multiple email accounts to a single private account to get all emails delivered to your private account.

Forwarding Email in Gmail:
Suppose you have two email IDs Public & Private and you want to forward all incoming emails from public id to the private id.
1. Sign in your public email id.
2. Click on the Options icon at the top right corner in your browser window (it will take you to the options page)

3. Now, under the settings page, click on the Forwarding option.
4. Click add a forwarding address and enter your private email.
5. That's all, Now all incoming emails which is sent to your public email account will be forwarded to your private email account.


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